Special Cave and Ostrich Farm Trip

Tour/Activity in Curaçao, Curacao

About this activity

Visit the the impressive Hato caves and the Ostrich Farm

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Visit the Hato Caves

Visit the impressive Hato caves. It is home to beautiful limestone formations, the famous Madonna statue, and a colony of seldom-seen long nose fruit bats. The variety of stalagmites and stalactites is impressive. It is fun to join the guide in recognizing animals or figures in the various stone formations.

Visit the Ostrich Farm

Drive to the Ostrich farm where your guide will give you lots of information about what you see, the island, and its people. At the Ostrich farm, you will step in a safari truck and your local guide will give you detailed information about this spectacular farm. The birds are impressive and it is very nice to interact with them. You do not have to be a hero to hand-feed them, but it will be a great holiday moment experience doing it. You will also see the emergence of an egg until the real bird breaks free. If you are really lucky one of the birds is born during your stay. In the souvenir shop, you can buy some real authentic African art and souvenirs.

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