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Begin with visit to Roseau, capital; drive through Botanical Gardens, Up to Morne Bruce a British garison; to Champagne Reef; on to Soufriere and Scot's Head; Trafalgarr Falls ending at Screw Spa

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  • Begin tour visiting Roseau, the capital of Dominica, tucked beneath the verdant slope of Morne Bruce

  • Drive through Botanical Gardens, then up to Morne Bruce, an old British garrison.

  • You head south to visit a pebbly beach called Champagne, a popular diving and snorkelling reef -(snorkelling cost not included)

  • Continue towards the fishing villages of Soufriere where you can take a bath in the hot sea bed, then to Scott's Head. See the ruins of Fort Cachacou, listen to its story; get a beautiful view of the Bay and even the neighbouring island of Martinique if weather is good.

  • Off to Trafalgar Falls in the roseau valley - a 10 min casual stroll in the rainforest will take you to a viewing platform to see both falls. Another path leads you to the base of the falls whee you can have a cold and/or natural hot water bath. NB Second path requires good balance and some climbing skills.
  • Tour ends with a relaxing natural spa treatment at Screw Spa
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