Tour/Activity in Dominica, Dominica

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South Tour - Emerald Pool, Soufriere, Scott's Head, Trafalgar Falls & Screw Spa

Day tour begins with visit to Emerald Pool which is situated in the lush rainforest of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Ease walk to the Pool that offers a breathtaking waterfall cascading into a pool which reflects the forestry around.

Then a drive southwards to stop at a pebbly beach called Champagne, where there is a reef well known for its diving and snorkelling. (not scheduled for today).

Then on towards the fishing villages of Soufriere and Scott's Head. Take a bath in the hot sea bed with a Catholic church nearby. At Scott's Head located at the end of of the short isthmus, offering a beautiful view of the bay, and Martinique (nearby French Caribbean island) on a clear day. Up here are he ruins of Fort Cachacou, an old defence post in years past.

Next stop is Trafalgar Falls situated in the Roseau Valley. Taking a very short walk through the rainforest you will arrive at a platform from where you can view the two falls. A closer view means a further walk that requires more balancing and climbing. Once there you can refresh yourself with dip in the col and/or natural hot water. Exhilarating!!

Before heading back to the hotel the tour takes you to Screw Spa, a constant stream of volcanic mineral water feeding into a series of stonewalled sulphur pools, all with varying temperatures that is regulated with piped fresh water. The pools are said to be high in mineral content used both in folklore and scientifically proven medical practice.