Tour/Activity in Dominica, Dominica

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Tour begins along the north western coast towards Portsmouth, second town in Dominica.

Heading towards Morne aux Diable you visit the Cold Sulphur Springs. The road up the western side of Bellevue Mountain has some spectacular views of Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth. Once over the ridge you can enter the crater of an old volcano more than 1000 feet above sea level. An easy 15 min walk takes you to the base of the crate with a viewing platform over the cold springs. You can see freshwater puddles releasing sulphurous gas bubbles from beneath the ground. Fascinating!

Up and over the crater's eastern ridge you will see panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Next the tour crosses Penville, a village at the extreme north end of the Island situated along cliff tops overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Guadeloupe Channel. Some of the Islands' last descendants of the Carib community live here. Many are Caribs mixed with African and European settlers. The steep sloping of the land makes for some very interesting farming practices.

Then you cross Vielle Case, built on sloping land directly above ravines and sea cliffs created by outflows from the volcanic eruption of Morne Aux Diables, and overlooking the coast of Autou, another beautiful rocky little cove bordered by cliffs. Moving on south you reach a charming fishing village along the coastal road called Anse de Mai.

Before heading back to the Hotel the tour ends at Chaudiere Pool located on the slopes of a narrow ridge that extends inland towards the foothills of Morne Diablotin. 40 mins further along you stop at Chaudiere Pool, which is effervescent and surrounded by dark rocks. Good spot for bathing before going home.