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From the Emerald Pool, to the Carib Territory, with last stop at Indian River

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Island Tour

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Island Tour

  • Day starts with visit at Emerald Pool, a breathtaking waterfall cascading into a pool that reflects the greenery of vegetation. It is situated in the rainforest of Morne Trois Pitons. Take a dip.
  • Drive along the north eastern coast towards the Carib Territory, home of the last members of the indigenous Kalanagos.
  • Lunch break in nearby restauranat overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Option 1 - Kalinago Barana Aute Village

  • Option 2 - Touna Aute VIllage
  • Continue your rive towards Portsmouth , Dominica's 2nd town.

  • Visit Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park, see the picturesque ruins of a large 28th century British garrison. Learn the history of the conflict and the abandoned military post.
  • Then you take a tour in a canoe up the Indian River, relax amid the luxuriant foliage and huge trees, and ferns, lianas and reeds. Hear stories from the guide about the history of the river, the filming of movies, the names of the trees and plants. Maybe try a sample of the local cocktail at the river's end.
  • Back to the hotel.
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