ATV East Tour

Tour/Activity in Curaçao, Curacao

About this activity

Tour the east side of Curacao in an ATV

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Transfer from your Hotel to the attraction site (either on you own or with chauffeur)

Tour the blowhole, windmills and the blue room on the east side of Curacao

Stand right on top of the blowhole and capture this unique moment. Afterward, we will drive off to the humongous windmills and ride all the way to the east side blue room.

Visit the bat cave and St. Joris Bay

We will also visit the amazing bat cave where we will walk and climb in the presence of bats to the top, for a spectacular view of the whole St. Joris plateau and Bonaire can be seen in clear weather. Then off we go to St. Joris bay, a site known for kite surfing.

Visit the ostrich and aloe vera farms then snorkel at Playa Kanoa

We will also take a break at the ostrich farm and have a quick stop by the Aloe Vera farm. Once at Playa Kanoa a dip can be taken, and admire youngsters catching waves on the rough side of Playa Kanoa. There is a chance to cool off in the clear blue water and even go snorkeling.

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